The McGilvra Soccer Club - 44 years of providing youth soccer in your neighborhood.

The McGilvra-Donover Soccer Association was formed on October 2, 1973 after branching off from Capitol Hill Soccer Club. Since then, McGilvra Youth Soccer has always displayed its Red and Black colors on the pitch.

In the early days team names ranged from the traditional: Strikers, Hornets, Rockets and the Wildcats; the original: Mayhem, McGirls, Hustlers and the Mosquitoes; to the one-of-kind: Misfits, Pounders, Kick-its and the Rosebuds.

By the mid eighties the Club had grown to approximately three hundred players of which one hundred played on sixteen teams in our Mod soccer program and more than two hundred players on the fifteen Association teams. We now have twice the membership.

In 1982 the McGilvra Dolphins a BU-14 Bronze team coached by Tom White, in an upset, won the City Championship. On October 5, 1983 the Dolphins donated their trophy to the McGilvra Soccer Club in memory of Andy Christensen who had died of cancer months earlier. The McGilvra Board accepted the trophy and agreed to award it to the team "whose effort, sportsmanship and performance exemplified the highest ideals of amateur sports and of the Association's program". Over the years the trophy also has been awarded to individuals.

Since 1973 the Club and its members have contributed much of their time and money to community causes and projects: Madison Park Bathhouse, McGilvra School turf play field, Soccer Summer camps, Schoolsfirst initiative and many Coach and Referee clinics.  The McGilvra Soccer Board along with the School Administration were the driving force behind the new layer of turf that was put on the McGilvra Home Field in 2010.  And the Board in 2011 began the process to insure that the Washington Park Playfield was updated and turfed by 2013.

So for all those who have come before; those that are members today; and the future players, teams, coaches and parents, we would like to Thank You - The Volunteers that help support McGilvra Soccer and make it one of the best programs in the City.

contributed by Will Lomen, Doug Anderson and Bruce Clarkson

If you have additional details regarding the Club's history, please email your story to info@mcgilvrasoccer.org.